Process Development & Simulation

Whether for high volume or one off production, the work that goes into the development side of a project is critical. All of the elements required for producing a quality part, economically and on time are essential to success.

From part flow through the shop and the labor resources required, and special tooling – every part of the process can affect the results, and must be taken into account.
Our process development is collaborative and covers every area of the production cycle. We define all of the factors that may limit the process in order to optimize results. There are gains to be found at every step of the way; - and together we discover improvements all along the path of “one piece flow” production. You can achieve real gains in productivity by calling on the expertise that Contour Precision Group company’s bring to your manufacturing process. The engineering and technology innovation we have developed over the years gives us the in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes that can create “real-world” gains in productivity.

We recognize that the way we do things is as important as what we do, and we continually strive to improve our procedures and systems to increase quality, cost effectiveness, and responsiveness.

We use our years of experience in developing manufacturing processes to evaluate, simulate and validate a production process before it ever reaches your floor. We take advantage of the latest in CAD and CAM software tools in order to develop the best possible solution.

With the use of computer aided simulation tools such as VERICUT®, we can simulate all aspects of the manufacturing process, from the machine tool configuration and options required, to fixture design and operational details.

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