Mission & Values

Contour Precision Group has a vision for Shaping the Future with Precision™ in the manufacturing of complex prismatic parts. We provide high value products, process development and engineering services to our customers

Group companies within the organization bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the manufacturing process.

Our Mission
To support our customers’ success by creating exceptional value
through innovative product and service solutions.

Our Vision
To be the globally recognized leader of manufacturing solutions for producing
precision contoured surfaces using advanced manufacturing technology.

Our Guiding Principles
Attitude that is positive and responsive!
Commitments that are achievable and reliable!
Innovations that create a competitive advantage!
Teamwork that engages and respects all individuals!
Quality that is extraordinary!

Our Core Values
Our People
We develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the community through open communication, integrity, honesty, trust and respect.

Our Products
We focus our efforts on providing and continuously improving our products and services to conform to defined requirements, industry standards and the developing needs of the global marketplace.

Our Process
We recognize that the way we do things is as important as what we do and we use and continuously improve our procedures and systems to increase quality, cost effectiveness, and responsiveness.

Our Performance
We maximize the value to our customers, employees and investors by providing high value products and services, developing new innovative solutions, seeking new applications of our technology and capabilities
and fostering professional development of our employees.

Our Positioning
We pursue opportunities where our technology and capabilities creates unique competitive advantages for our customers and for ourselves in strategic aerospace, defense, energy, medical and industrial markets.

Latest news & Events

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